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OUR achievement

Audited 4000 homes and 250 varied industries - imparting energy awareness and management in their day to day activities


Audited Homes




Energy Efficient Lighting


Solar Power

Summer Internship

7 - 13

Organized an Summer Internship for knowledge enhancement, Technology update, exhibit your talent to cater investment and last make your dream come true by modelling your village using your Engineering skills to practising engineers.

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One Tree Thousand Hope

29 june

Planning to distribute 1000's of trees to people around thirumullaivoyal to startup a greeny nature around us.

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Let us make everything renewable:

The renewable source is the only way we can help for future sustainability. Decide today to save tomorrow. Do it before its too late!

Make your place energy efficient:

It all starts from your home. So, make your house energy efficient by following simple energy conservation techniques that are investment free!

Join the energy efficient community:

Going one step forward makes you free of the electricity bill. Generate your own electricity. Join us today and say goodbye to EB bills!

Know yourself:

Get your house audited for energy today and be aware of energy wastage. Contact us for energy audits!


My house was consuming more than 400 units bimonthly, now after iSPARK audit, it has been reduced to 50% - Hats off to their service

Energy audit for homes

Jun 19, 2018 Admin


Smart solutions add more value to the product and enhance our livelihood

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Solar panel to your home?

Jan 19, 2018 Admin


How to get subsidy by installing solar power to your home

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Micro grid usage.

Feb 03, 2018 Admin


Micro grid can fulfill all your needs of your village cutting the utility

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Become a Volunteer

Join Our Team And Help the world. With some small adjustments to your office and home, you can be a positive influence on climate change and help to reduce the amount of energy consumed by your community.

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